Our GX bikes are versatility defined. On-road, off-road or both in the same ride, our uniquely capable and efficiently fast Adventure bikes set a new standard for all day, all-rounders.

“Not only is it the most surefooted fun by far as we swerve and surf the singletrack north back to High Paradise Farm, it’s also a surprisingly smooth, efficient cruising and practically detailed, weather sealed ride on the road too, putting it right at the progressive edge of all-round adventure enjoyment” Cycling Plus

“Radically controlled, capable, comfortable, practical and surprisingly swift all-rounder” Cycling Plus

Whatever surface the road throws at you there is now a road bike that really can cope with it all - the Whyte Glencoe. It purrs along on smooth tarmac - but when the going gets tough the Glencoe really comes into its own, providing supple grip and cossetting comfort, encouraging you to push forward where you’d normally pull back and carry more speed, grip and confidence into the bend. If you love to ride but have had enough of Britain’s torn-up tarmac, the Glencoe is right up your street.

“The Glencoe represents an exciting and radical reinterpretation of what a modern road bike could be”

“Swooping down road descents at 40mph is a thoroughly composed experience on the Whyte” Cycling Plus