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Wherever you are in the UK, you’re not far from an under-maintained road that would benefit from the obvious advantages of the Whyte Glencoe.

From a long distance loop to a winter commuter, the comfort and reassurance the tubeless WTB TCS Horizon tyres provide is just incredible. Add in the remarkable combination of grip, compliance and speed and you’ve got a bike that’s able to tackle anything the roughest road or wildest weather can throw at you.

Established laws of physics combined with new tyre manufacturing technologies mean that the Horizons can be run between 40 and 55 psi, depending on the rider weight. Lower pressure, combined with the higher air-volume of a wide rim and tyre, create real comfort and importantly, enough surface tension to avoid discernible, increased drag. Time and again riders are amazed by how well the Glencoe rolls.

Custom 55mm wide mud guards are available and the frame is also rack compatible.